Loving Presence with Horses Authentic Connection with Natural Mindfulness 

 *Approved by Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior Certified Training Partners for 12 CEU credits

Stop struggling with your horse.  

Learn how to harness the power of Attention to find true connection. 

Do you have the feeling that things could be better but you don’t know what to do?

Do you want to stop disconnecting and Really understand your horse?

Have you felt magic moments and want to know how to have more?  

You’ve worked hard for your horse. Now learn how to get authentic results and the deep connection you crave.  

This is for you if : 

  • You try really hard to do things right with your horse. It doesn’t always work, even with your incredibly good intentions.
  • Something is missing in the connection you have with your horse and you don’t know how to find it.
  • You invest a lot of time and money in your horse because you can’t do without him.
  • You’ve been riding long enough to ride well, but sometimes you secretly feel like a beginner.
  • You feel stuck with the progress you’d like to see you and your horse achieve together.
  • The close bond you feel with your horse is elusive.
  • Just when you think you’ve got the answer, your horse acts up.  

Your Teacher

Hello, I’m MaryKay (not associated with MaryKay makeup!). I’ve been a dressage instructor, competitor, and trainer for over 30 years. Even as a professional, I personally know what it’s like to cry after a lesson, to have instructors yell at me to do something I didn’t understand, to try and try and try as hard as I can and not “get it.” I know the embarrassment of a clinician telling me on the loudspeaker, “you have no feel.” I also know the pure joy of being with horses. Through a lifetime of study I now know how to create the joy of Loving Presence in all situations. 

I have ridden with notable international dressage and horsemanship clinicians. I have studied Tai Chi, exercise programs designed for riders, meditation and mindfulness, clicker training, a tad of natural horsemanship, TagTeach, animal communication, a little Pilates, mind body work. I graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior and became a Certified Training Partner, a specialist in clicker training, animal behavior, and learning theory.  

I found the real secret to experiencing happiness and energy altogether with my horse in a state of Loving Presences through The Hakomi Method, which very simply stated, is assisted self study with mindfulness. For over 3 years, I worked with the original founder of The Hakomi Method, several mindfulness experts, and a Zen Priest.  

It is possible to create a magical deep connection in each present moment with each and every horse you meet. If I can do it, so can you.  

It’s time to share my proven system with you. It consolidates my decades of study into a simple yet powerful step by step program so you can experience the joy of Loving Presence with your horse, too. 

“MaryKay is uniquely talented. I have had the pleasure of teaching and observing her over several years. The joy and connection she has with her horse is obvious and remarkable. From the first time I met her I knew there was ‘something special going on’. The exercises she shares in this course are simple, yet powerful. Open yourself fully to MaryKay’s guidance and then get ready for some magic to happen! “ ~ Karen Rohlf, creator of the Dressage Naturally program  

You will learn:

  • How to not let a ‘bad ride’ effect the rest of your day
  • How to stop struggling so much to get the perfect connection with your horse
  • Find the missing piece that you and your horse desperately need
  • Gain more confidence as a rider
  • Know exactly what to do when you don’t know what to do
  • Convert frustrating moments into easy little pleasures with your horse  

You’ve invested more time, sweat, and tears than you can count and more money than you’d rather think about, in your horse. It’s time to get a big return for this huge investment. It’s time to authentically understand. It’s time to freely connect.  

Step by Step, go from Being frustrated and not understanding your horse to Understanding your horse and Being Understood by him and Knowing exactly what to do if and when you’re not  

“Working with MaryKay has given me awareness and alternate answers.” ~ Renee Adair and Dally  

Loving Presence with Horses, a Step by Step Plan.

Make things easy and Connect with Mindful Attention. 

“When we first started working with Mary Kay 3 years ago, Gitana and I could not even walk in a straight line down the side of the arena on the rail. Now we are competing (and winning) in dressage, hunter jumper, and breed shows. What I truly value more than winning ribbons is the connection and feeling of teamwork that I have developed with Gitana.” ~ Jessica Daniels and Gitana 

Loving Presence with Horses, Make it Easy and Connect with Mindfulness

Each of 6 modules includes: 

  • video 
  • downloadable tools 
  • skill-building exercises 
  • the opportunity to use the content immediately each and every time you ride and are with your horse  

Loving Presence that engages you in discovering the natural aptitude you and your horse have for authentic connection and everyday mindfulness. 

Make things easy for you and your horse Connect with Mindful Attention. 

Module 1: KNOW the power of Loving Presence, what makes it unique for you and your horse, and why it takes training.  

At the end of this module, you will know how Loving Presence works and how it will help you connect more deeply and authentically with your horse. You will know what to do next. You will have taken that all important first step towards the missing piece in your relationship with your horse.  

You will receive:  

  • Orientation Training Video
  • Definition of Loving Presence with your Horse
  • 7 Common mistakes starting out with Loving Presence
  • Access to a private Loving Presence with Horses Facebook page
  • Schedule of Question and Answer Calls  

Module 2: Know the 5 different types of attention that affect loving presence, know how to recognize them, and choose the right kind for your horse. 

At the end of this module, you will know the 5 types of attention that affect your relationship with your horse and when you are using each one. You will know how to practice a simple form of mindfulness that helps you pay attention to what really matters with your horse.

You will receive:  

  • A training Video on Attention Chart of different types of attention
  • A video training to focus your attention
  • A recipe for Connection Attention
  • An Attention Lesson for Grooming your Horse
  • An Attention Lesson for Riding your Horse 

Module 3: Know what to look for and what to avoid when you observe your horse, how to observe subtle horse body language, and what all this means to loving presence.  

At the end of this module, you have a peek into what it’s like to live in a horse’s body and mind. You may even find yourself thinking like a horse instead of like a human. You will be on the path of loving presence.  

You will receive:

  • A Training video on how to observe your horse
  • A training video on how to be in the best present moment with your horse
  • An interactive video to help you define the present moment
  • A past, present and future moment worksheet for when you’re with your horse
  • Video of me observing my own horse
  • Audio guide for observing your horse to download to your phone and listen to when you ride 
  • Worksheet for Observing your horse while grooming
  • Worksheet for observing your horse while riding
  • Downloadable audio instructions to place on your phone or other device and listen to when you are with your horse  

Module 4: Know how to observe yourself and how what you do and think affects how you show up for connecting in loving presence with your horse. 

At the end of this module, you will know how to observe what you do and how you think affect the relationship with your horse. You will know how observing yourself can make the difference between a bad ride and a good one, between ho-hum and amazing.  

You will receive:

  • Training Video on Observing yourself with your horse
  • Training Video on Judgements and Assumptions and how they affect your horse
  • Sample list of what you can observe about yourself that affects your relationship with your horse
  • Audio Training on observing what matters to your horse about yourself
  • Downloadable audio instructions to place on your phone or other device and listen to when you are with your horse
  • Lesson with worksheet on observing yourself when you’re with your horse
  • Worksheet on brand new observations about yourself  

Module 5: Know how to make appreciation and gratitude come alive between you and your horse. Highlight your presence in his life, and his in yours.  

At the end of this module, you will understand 5 sure fire things that he does to show that he appreciates you. Your horse will instantly understand 5 foolproof things that you do to appreciate him. You will know a deeper level of appreciation for your horse, and he will know a deeper appreciation of you. 

You will receive:

  • 2 Training Video on Appreciating your Horse and him appreciating you
  • 7 signs that your horse wants to connect with you
  • 3 Ways to make Understanding your horse easier 
  • 3 ways to help your horse understand you better
  • 5 ways to balance a Bank Account of Appreciation with your horse to know that your horse forgives you
  • 5 ways to make up for a mistake when you don’t understand your horse enough  
  • Instructions and worksheet to Mobilize the power of Waiting with your horse
  • 2 Audio Trainings to take with you to the barn
  • A Trust and Appreciation exercise to do with your horse  

Module 6: Be fulfilled. Be together with your horse. Understand the diversity of your horse’s nature. Appreciate every little detail. Care about each other. Communicate with him in compassion and empathy. 

At the end of this module, you will know the ins and outs of Authentic connection with your horse. You will know exactly what to do when you are stuck and want to reconnect with your horse. You will know how to flip the switch to Loving Presence with your horse even when bad things happen.

You will receive: 

  • 2 Training videos on Loving Presence with your Horse
  • Worksheet on what to do when you are stuck or frustrated with your horse
  • 5 ways to know if Authenticity in Loving Presence with your horse
  • 5 Scenarios when your horse may not be able to receive your loving presence.
  • An Everyday lesson in Loving Presence
  • 7 ways to activate Loving Presence with your horse when you are with horse people Not of like mind
  • Downloadable audio instructions to place on your phone or other device and listen to when you are with your horse  

"You’ve taught me that doing one tiny little thing differently can have a big impact. You are VERY intuitive and that has been extremely valuable to me as I am more "black and white”. It's been hard in the past for me to understand Bailey and now I feel more connected. I think he has "suffered in silence" in the past because I didn't pick up that he was trying to communicate with me." ~ Sandy O’Keefe and Bailey  

Loving Presence with Horses is the right thing for you right now if

  • You get excited about working with your horse but then get disappointed and frustrated 
  • You are burned out from taking clinics and watching dvds that should work but don’t 
  • You wonder if you’re not good enough because you don’t get it
  • You want the best for your horse and don’t know where to find it
  • You feel stuck with what to do with your horse
  • After you have a bad ride, you feel rotten the whole rest of the day
  • You’ve tried training methods that seem to work for other people and other horses, but not for you with your horse.  
  • You are ready for an authentic connection with your horse. You’re tired of techniques that don’t give you enough to work for your own horse. You’re ready. Your horse is ready. It’s time to find your horse’s heart. It’s time to find Loving Presence with your Horse.  

“MaryKay showed me how to be flexible and meet your horse where he is at that very moment. That habit has been helping me in my relationships with people as well. I have seen drastic improvement in each horses attitude while working. They all WANT to play with me and are more focused. I have horses offering various behaviors and using the thinking side of their brain instead of dull reactions to a cue or waiting for the session to be over. My mare Bella used to hate working with people and she was hard to catch. She would kick out when she was annoyed and pin her ears. Now she is first in line every time I come out to work with the horses and she LOVES it. She has a happy expression when we work and she gets excited to try new things. “ ~ Marissa Watkins and Bella, Duke Envy, Gemma, and Gypsy 

Raise the Level of Understanding Your Own Horse Loving Presence with Horses.  

Get authentic results and Connection from all the hard work you do for your horse.

Are you ready to authentically connect in a deep Loving Presence with your horse? Are you ready to stop struggling to get to the next level?  

This course is not for everyone. It’s only for people who want to work hard to get amazing an amazing connection with their horses.  

This is an investment in you and your horse. It will change forever how you and your horse work and play together.  

I need you to commit at least 2 hours a week to achieve the results you want. If life comes up and you have to skip a week or two, you can return to the program and still get amazing results.  

I think you know that what I’m saying will help you achieve true connection with your horse faster and easier than you could on your own.  

Invest in yourself and your horse

The LPH Heart To Heart Course - Naturally Mindful, Deeply Connected  

Detached and resistant to ~ Heartfelt Connection between you and your Horse  

  • 6 Modules packed with instructions, activities, audios, and videos to transform your connection with your horse and connect his attention to yours  
  • 6 Monthly Q&& Sessions on live calls to answer and discuss your questions and problems and celebrate your successes  
  • Lifetime Access to the Course so you can return to the practices that transform your connection  
  • Private Facebook page to explore questions, tell stories about your horse that amaze and inspire others, and share your progress  

Value $999

Tuition $549 

Sign up right now and save $50 Your price today $499  

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The LPH Inner Circle of Loving Presence

Six full months to go deep and learn how to open your horse’s heart to truly connect with you. Work with me one on one and find he unique gift that lies waiting in your horse’s heart just for you. Limited to 3 spots.  

You get everything in the LPH Heart to Heart Plus:  

  • 7 Personal Coaching Calls with MaryKay to intimately answer and discuss your utmost questions, problems and successes with your horse 

  • 2 Reviews of videos you send to me to help you identify signs and horse body language that mean your horse wants to connect with you 

  • Once a month Audio Meditations to deepen your connection with your horse and his connection with you 

  • Private Facebook page for Inward Circle students only to continually inspire you with deep insights of practicing loving presence with your horse.


Value Priceless


Your Price Today: $999

I am convinced you will see immediate results with your horse within the first module of Loving Presence with Horses. But if for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the changes it creates for you and your horse, I will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days. No questions. Just send me an email.  

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What if I’m a beginner rider? Will this help me? Loving Presence with Horses will help you progress faster and give you tools to overcome mindsets that hold beginners back.  

I ride FEI. What’s in this for me? This course will give you exciting and little known insights into the exercises and experiences that got you to FEI. Your connection with your advanced horse will deepen in meaning to both of you.  

How much time will I need each week to go through the program? Five hours a week will get you good results, but what I offer in Loving Presence with Horses may find you doing more without even noticing a drain on your time.  

When will I have access to the material? You will have access immediately to the first module. Once you complete the lessons in each module and mark them as finished, you will have access to the next module.  

I’ve tried mindfulness and it didn’t work for me. Is this different? Is it easier than what I may have tried before? I need something really really easy. Yes, this is different from most mindfulness programs. Loving Presence with Horses focuses on exercises and learning activities specially designed for your and your horse. Mindfulness learned in this way is easy and natural for a person who loves their horse.  

What if I can’t attend some of the Q&A sessions? They will be recorded and you can listen to them at your convenience. One person reported that she downloaded them to her phone and listened to them both driving the car, mucking stalls, and cleaning tack.  

Will this program help with showing my horse? Most definitely! The lessons learned in Loving Presence with Horses will ease anxiety for you and your horse when showing.  

Is this for me if I don’t know much about dressage? You don’t have to know about dressage or even care much about dressage to benefit from Loving Presence with Horses. What matters is that you careab out a deep heartfelt connection with your horse and you want to see meaningful results from all the work. If you do, this course is for you.  

I already love my horse. How can this course help me? Loving Presence with Horses will take you deeper into the love that you already have for your horse. Your horse will want to come closer into the connection he already has with you.  


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